Happy Birthday Hutson

Hutson turned 1 year old on Sunday.  This was also super bowl sunday so we had a football themed party.  We celebrated with family, nana and bapa, great aunt and uncle Kazem and Marzi, Uncle Dave and Aunt Narda, cousins Perry, Levi and Dash, nanny Elizabeth and of course Boden, Mom, Dad and Cici.  

Mom baked a cake in the form of a football field and cup cakes in the shape of footballs.  We had chili, chips and dips, and hot wings.  

Hutson was mildly amused by the gifts…which Boden opened for him.  He received a tent for the basement, some ball games, a couple of cars and a track, books and a lot of kisses. 

After, the kids played in the basement while the adults watched the game.  Boden loved playing with Levi…exhausting himself playing hide and seek, playing rough, stealing cake before it was time, eating a bowl full of chips, and the list goes on!   Needless to say, he slept like a baby for the next two nights.  Image

Boden took a poop in the toilet and has been going pee by himself.  He’ll climb up on the toilet and then do his business and then flush without telling us he’s going.  He has been practicing getting dressed at school so is getting more confident with taking the pants off and on.  He always likes socks on his feet so will make sure he has these on.  He also takes his coat and hat off, puts them away and then takes off his shoes.  

Boden has been a real moma’s boy.  He only wants mama to snuggle with him, put him to bed, put on his clothes, make is food and just about everything else.  But, mom let’s dad get up in the middle of the night to put Bode back in bed.  



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