Flu Season

Poor Hutson has been dealing with the flu this past week.  He started being fussy on Wednesday after school and then he had diarrea that evening.  Wednesday morning he vomited around 4am and then continued to have diarrea.  This lead to a sore little butt and diaper rash.  He still has a bit of poop issues today but is in good spirits.  We hope his appetite comes back as he has not really eaten much since Wednesday.  Luckily, he’s only had a low to mid range fever.  

Hutson finally has his two upper teeth…Jan 25.  They both came in on the same day.  The cutting of the teeth made the week even more difficult for the little guy.  He didn’t like to take the liquid kids fever reducer/pain relief so we had to use the suppositories.  His smile will be forever changed.  

Hutson has been practicing drinking out of a cup preparing to make the change to milk from formula.  At school, he will have all his liquids given via cup after 1 year old so we are doing our best to get him ready.  He likes to chug and most of the liquid goes all over his clothes but Boden is trying to teach him the basics.  


Bode had his first bm on the toilet on Tuesday Jan 22nd.  What a happy day.  He was with Elizabeth and he started smelling gassy.  They went to the toilet and voila!  They did a celebration and then had some toilet treats…two M&M’s.  If only we can continue the success.

Boden watches or wants to participate in the morning with me as I get ready. He often wants to get in the shower with me (sometimes successfully!) or uses my makeup brushes on his own face.  This evening one of my little brushes was out and he said momma brush. So I sad on the ground and he gently put “makeup” on my eyelids, cheeks and lips. It was so endearing.

Boden had been screaming for attention lately. He screams when he doesn’t get his way, isn’t getting enough attention or just when he’s excited.  And it’s a high pitched scream which pierces the ear drums.  Something he’s been known for since birth.  But if he screams in anger, we give time outs.  It’s now to the point where I’ll just point to the corner and he’ll stomp off over to the corner.  He’s now starting to negotiate which corner he wants to go to.  

On Friday, Boden’s school had an ice skating party.  We arrived late and unfortunately, after getting the skates on, missed the lesson.  So we tried to get out on the ice but Boden didn’t really like the feel of the blades and ice too much.  He never let my hand go and after about 1/8th of the way around the rink, he wanted off the ice and demanded to be carried.  Dad isn’t a good skater either so we make our way around the ice holding on to the wall.  

On Thursday, picking up Bode, he was given a royal good bye…one of his school mates brought his backpack to him and another was kissing him repeatedly on the cheek.  Bode seemed to like the attention.  He has become so much more social since joining this school.  

 Every day, Bode surprises mom and dad with a few more words or phrases that we just don’t expect.  He randomly counts to 5 in Farsi, 10 in Spanish and 15 in English.  He sing’s his ABC’s and a few other nursery rhyme songs.  He’s starting to string sentences together and make observations.

At the little gym today, Bode practiced head stands, somersaults, balance beam, obstacle course, flipping up side down on the rings and the wheel barrow.  Active class.




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