Hutson’s upper teeth seem to be coming in.  He’s been a bit fussier than normal.  We are also in the process of phasing out his binki.  It takes a little while longer to fall asleep without it but hopefully, he’ll sleep more soundly after the habit is broken.  Hutson is more aggressive.  He will challenge Boden or us when he really wants a toy or the iphone.  He also is getting more difficult to change.  He squirms and is getting a bit stronger and quicker so we really have to be on our toes.  Hutson got into trouble with the nanny last week.  He hit her 2x in front of Boden.  Boden looked at her to say, hey…if I hit, i have to go stand in the corner.  So Elizabeth put Hutson in the corner for a few seconds.  Boden seemed pleased.

One of Hutson’s new skills is climbing down the stairs.  He learned this at school, where they have mini stairs and not so far to fall.  Here, he will really go for it if not careful.  No real fear yet.  

Boden is testing his boundry’s at home.  When he is not happy or getting what he wants, he let’s our a high pitched scream.  Ear piercing!  This earns him a time out.   He also will hit.  Also a time out.  

Boden is much more social at school with the other kids.  I picked him up on Wednesday and he was ‘chatting’ with two other girls.  Then when we turned to leave, he said ‘see you later’.  Very cute.  He also was counting in farsi to 4 by himself.  Bapa would be very proud.  Also, while visiting great uncle Kasim and aunt Marzi, he said Hudafis, which is farsi for good bye.  That was a hit with everyone.  Bapa only speaks farsi with Bode and Hutson.  

Boden made friends with the neighbor cat today.  We were outside doing yard work when Bode took off and yelled, kitty.  Then spent the next 15 minutes walking around the yard with the cat saying nice kitty.  

Tonight, Boden was walking down stairs and stopped three steps from the bottom.  He paused and then jumped.   Whoa…but he landed on his feet and had a giant smile on his face.  His confidence has been growing since taking ‘gymnastics’.  He loves to tumble, do the rings, balance beam, trampoline and the obstical course.  

Boden has moved on from Elmo videos to Caillou.


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