Boden’s wound and stiches are healing nicely.  There has been no real complications or aggrivations after he got home from the ER which is good.  He was wary of people touching his head and the wound area which I guess is normal.   He didn’t miss any time at school and his normal routine was…normal.  

He has started chatting more with kids his age.  At school, I’ve seen him chatting with other kids and he always says ‘see you later’ when we leave school.  Today at the Children’s Gym, he played catch with one of the other boys.  

HIs vocabulary is growing daily.  He can count to 5 in Farsi, 10 in Spanish and 20 in English.  He is starting to string more words together.  The other day, he said ‘no thank you daddy, I want yogurt’.  When he needs help, he will say ‘Help you’…when he needs help.

He went to the barber today and had his 2nd hair cut.  He sat in the chair by himself while she cut…like he’s done it a million times.  Sat still and then asked for a sucker when they were finished.

Boden’s food of the month is pasta.  Spaghetti, macaroni, risotto…you name it.  He loves it.  It’s still hard to get him to eat his greens but we pure or sneak them in somehow.  Hopefully, he grows out of this stage.

Bode has been waking up early…5am and we will bring him to our room not to wake up Hutson.  He likes to cuddle but only with mom.  Thursday morning, he slept with mom until 6:30.  He also has been snuggling with Cici.  She tolerates it for a while but then needs her space.

We have taken the side off of Boden’s bed and now he can get in and out as he likes.  The bed is small so we will eventually have to get another one which is a little bed. 

potty training is ongoing.  Boden is very conscious about his poo.  He will hold it until he is alone and then will poo his pants.  It is usually very messy and then he will stand with his legs wide apart (Elizabeth calls it the Sumo position) until someone picks  him up and cleans him off.  Finally, after his cleaning, he’ll declare himself ‘all clean’ or say ‘I did it’.  Hopefully, this will not be an ongoing issue.  

Today, while leaving uncle Kossem and aunt Marzi’s house, Boden said ‘Hudafis’ which means good bye in Farsi and I love you all by himself.  That was a real hit with everyone.

Finally, he’s figured out how to change the tv channel.  Oh boy…

We’ve written this before but Hutson should be walking anytime now.  He seems content with crawling.  But he’s quick.  

He is feeding himself more and more.  Usually making a mess but it’s entertaining.  He’s also trying to drink from a cup.  Very messy but you have to start sometime.  He’s also eating meat and other ‘adult foods’.  Not much he doesn’t like.  

Hutson has spent two weeks at school and enjoys it.  Every time we go, after his coat and shoes are off, he takes off towards the toys and doesn’t look back.  At first, he had trouble napping and eating, but he has settled in and is napping for an hour and eating and drinking fine.  He likes his milk warm and will push away anything that is not heated up.

He spends his day smiling and laughing.  He has started a snuggle pattern after his bath and when he is getting tired.  He will crawl towards you and then put his head down and headbutt then roll into your body.  It’s very cute and he coos all the while.  My favorite part of the day.  He is also clapping and waving and responding to waving.  

He is also into his next wave of clothing…growing out of the 9-12 month items.  

Hutson recognizes Nanna and Bapa and will reach for them when he sees them.  Always with a huge smile on his face.  


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