Welcoming in the new year

Boden and Hutson welcomed in the New Year with Nana and Boppa, spending two nights at their house while mom and dad had a little break and went skiing. They had a blast. Nana and Boppa took them to Omsi where they spend 2.5 hours playing in the water, sand, with the air balls, and play dough. Boden was exhausted and fell asleep in the car. (Unfortunately it’s the only way he’s taking his afternoon naps at the moment.) Boden followed Nana everywhere and even gets upset when she takes a shower and he cant come in…though she did scare him with her green mask. Boden helped take down the christmas tree by taking off the ornaments and helping sweep. He also yelled “wait” when Boppa got the light cord tangled up. Hutson loves, loves nuzzling and cuddling. He buries his head into pillows, stuffed animals, and of course your lamp. He also sings along if you’re singing or if there is music playing on one of his toys. At Omsi he nuzzled next to the fish tank on the floor and had one arm up and of course got the attention of people who thought he was super adorable. Hutson is also clapping and is becoming a bit demanding of the Ipad. He screams if Boden takes it away from him, which is often. He also got the hang of swiping the Ipad.

On Christmas eve, Boden transitioned to blankets instead of a sleep sack. He asked for his sleep sack but I explained to him that he was a big boy and didn’t need it anymore. He seemed to like that answer. A few days later when his bed arrived, Dad took off the crib center piece so Boden can start getting in and out of his bed. Boden took a tumple out of it after his nap because we put him in there after he fell asleep in the car. He was so disoriented.

Both Boden and Hutson are showing so much affection towards Cici. Boden gives her the biggest, genuine hugs, getting down on all fours to craddle her. And Hutson is just hutson…buries his head into her and tries to steam roll her.

One of my favorite things to do with Hutson is to lay flat on the ground while he crawls all over me burying his head into my chest, face, legs. He’s getting also fun at playing games. If you hide behind the door he opens and shuts it and giggles. He also giggles when pushes my face to the side to check on my earrings and I say “hey there.”

On Christmas morning, Boppa and Nanna came over to see the kids open their presents. Boden got the concept of opening things and helped and was very happy. Hutson was in the middle of all the presents, climbing over them and rolling around in the paper. After they left, we think Boden was a bit overwhelmed because he had a major breakdown. Once we got to Nanna and Papa’s he was fine. He got a drum/keyboard set, a ball runner track, lots of Thomas the train friends, a bubble machine, and a cardboard castle. Hutson got an activity block and a musical computer. From Boppa and Nanna they got a art easel and a car. Plus all the gifts from Aunts, uncles and Grandma and grandpa.

Boden is using more and more words. He actually completes sentences and sometimes says things that we don’t know where or how he learned it.

Boden and Hutson have a new Nanny. They both bonded so quickly with Elizabeth that the first two days Boden just said Bye and gave me a kiss when we left! No issues what so ever! She is great with him, finding the right balance of outdoor and indoor activity, play, sensory activites and of course can get him to eat.

The other day Hutson was really upset and crying and Boden kissed him on his head. If we tell Hutson Uh uh. Boden quickly repeats it to his little Brother as well.

Our container arrived from Amsterdam on the 28th of December. We had the boys at their grandparents but the person on Duty was Boppa. By afternoon, both kids had a meltdown. Boppa was trying to get Hutson down and Boden was screaming. Boppa threw in the towel and called nanna to come to his rescue.

Boden no longer say “Yay” but Yes. He also says “Sorry mama” and pleaaase and thank you.

He also is getting really good at follwing instructions. He wanted desperately to pet cici on the bed and wanted me to hoist him up. I told he could go get his stool out of the bathroom and put it next to the bed and get up to pet her. It was lightbulb moment, he ran to the bathroom and next thing I knew he was up on the bed next to her.

Boden sang the full song of ABC and twinkle twinkle by himself spontaneously or to the tune itself. He loves playing music on the iPad and always says “dance, dance.” He loves it when I and dad jump around dancing with him.




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