Nana & Boppa’s sleepover

Boden and Hutson had their first ever sleep over last weekend Dec 8-9. They did so well. They didn’t cry or fuss a peep. They played, ate and slept real well…well kind of slept. Boden is in the midst of potty training and he sprung up about an hour after going down and said Poop/Poop. Sure enough he had a big poop. Nana came down and ended up sleeping with him. Hutson was in the same room. They both popped up at 4:30am and started their day. We were very excited to see them. Grandparents were happy but exhausted!

Boden practiced peeing in the toilet really well and of course had to wash his hands a million times. He went pee 4 times after we left! He even knew how to turn the toilet over to make it a stool.

We went to Omsi on Friday and Boden had a ball. There was this water activity which he dug. As we know, he loves water. He threw balls in the swirling water and watched them be sucked up. Then he played with the wind sucker that sucked ball up and blew them straight up out of a long cylinder. Very fascinating. Then he played in the sand pit forever, moving sand from one end of the pit to the other rather than just picking up sand under his feet.

We noticed that Boden likes having the sleeves of his shirt down and also his pant legs. He’s also insists on having socks on the entire time.

Both have the sniffles at the moment. We picked up Boden from school on Tuesday and he had no socks on and it was pouring outside. It made we sad because I was a bit late and he was in the rain and was really happy to see me. He was so wet and cold and no socks. Uuugh.

Today we had our parent/teacher conference after two weeks at the Montessori school. They love him! They are so happy he is in their class. He’s so happy, focused and so into all the activities. He’s speaking spanish..couting numbers and saying words. Since he’s been there the last two weeks, he’s speaking so much more. He’s copying everything we say, repeating everything. Plus he’s almost potty trained. He has no accidents with peeing hardly anymore. We’re still trying to get him to have BM in the toilet. He still needs to practice taking on-off his clothes. He has explored every part of the room and loves the warter activities. He eats the snacks real well. We’re soo proud of you Boden!

After the parent teacher meeting, we took the boys to meet Santa. Of course right when we were ready to take a picture, Boden had to run to the bathroom. So we took care of that (success) and then tried to get him to take pictures with Santa. He wanted nothing to do with Santa. So Hutson got his picture with Santa. Kind of funny.

Hutson is sleeping in longer but first he gets up at 5am for a bottle then falls back to sleep until about 7am. We’ll take it! He naps again at 9am for about two hours but then refuses a nap for the rest of the day, which he desperately needs. Boden is so exhausted after school that he desperately needs a nap but fights it, unless we’re driving somewhere and then he conks out. We are looking forward to getting them both on a routine so their good sleep habits will resume.

Hutson is getting more interested in the iPad so it’s beginning to become a bit of war over it between the two boys. Boden gets immediately possessive if he sees Hutson on it. If he yanks it out of Hutson’s hand, Hutson gets soo frustrated! Hutson can definitely have a temper. What’s amazing is that Hutson is beginning to understand how fun it is and also the “sweep”. Hutson is also getting his fourth tooth, it popped up last week. 4 teeth since we’ve been here! Wow.

Boden is getting a bit more jealous of Hutson, especially when I’m holding him. He immediately wants to be picked up too. He also want’s milk everything little Hutson gets a bottle. Though it was rather cute today, Boden handed Hutson his bottle and started feeding it to him like a baby calf.

Boden loves to paint, sing, music, and his new favorite pastime is SCISSORS! In school he learned to cut with scissors, which he proceeded to do for nearly an hours cutting paper into small pieces and then he asked and asked for scissors at home. He has been insisting on using them. And he does! He’s doing it really well too, of course we have to remind him not to cut of his or our fingers.

Boppa baby sitted for Boden and Hutons this week. On Tuesday he came over and Boden wouldn’t calm down as we were leaving. He needed to take a nap and was screaming so we left and Boppa brought him downstairs calmed him down and then said “boden do you want to go back to your bed now?” and boden said “YUP!” and went straight and easily to bed. Last night Boppa babysat again and again Boden was fighting us going to bed, so Boppa took him up but he cried “Boppa, Boppa”. So Boden got a treat, Boppa brought hime down snuggled him in a blanket next to him on the couch and boden fell a sleep. So precious.

Our prayers are with the familes in Conneticut after today’s tragic, horrific event.



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