Hutson has started clapping randomly.  Usually while eating.  He’s also adopted a squinty eye smile and will use it to his advantage.   Now, when meeting new people, he gets a little shy and tilts his head to the side and gives a wry smile or snuggles up to mom or dad if we are holding him.  He has three bottom teeth and a fourth coming in.  Nothing on the top yet.  He has grown into the habit of waking up at 4.30 or so.  We’ll give him a bottle in bed and then will go back to sleep for another two hours.  With this he is also dropping the afternoon nap.  He’ll sleep from 9-11 am and then skip the nap and go to bed at 6:15.  We went to an introductory meeting at the Montasory school and Hutson loved the room.  He explored every inch of the space, playing with the different games and areas.  His favorite game is to crawl upstairs and looks back to see if anyone is chasing him.  Smiling all the way.  He will laugh hysterically if chased.  Lately, when Boden comes around while he is playing, he will start screaming in anticipation of Bode taking a toy out of his hands but Bode is getting smart…he’ll give Hutson a toy in exchange.  This works only sometimes.

Boden is in the middle of potty training and doing very well.  We keep a diaper on at night but during the day, he is free as a bird.  At first, he would wet his pants regularly.  But after a week, he’s mastered telling us when he has to go.  And we have noticed when he will have to go.  Today, he had no accidents at school or at home.  Pretty impressive after only a week of training.  He’s also learning how to pull his pants down and up.  The routine usually goes like this.  He’ll say ‘pee pee’ and hold his penis.  We’ll run to the bathroom and he’ll pull his pants down and sit on the trainer by himself and with one finger, hold it down so no pee splashes out.  After he’s done, he’ll say ‘all done’ or ‘I did it’.  Then we dump the pee in the toilet, flush it down and say ‘bye  bye pee pee’ and then wash hands and give high fives. 

Boden started school on Monday.  His classroom is called the Desertland room and is taught by Yosuay, Tanya and Maria.  This is a bilingual class in Spanish and English.  Hi is already saying Aqua and hasta manyana.  Boden has started strong showing no signs of separation anxiety.  The teachers say he is very focused and a joy to have in class.  He participates easily, goes to the toilet, quiet and has already cleaned windows, chopped apples, made quesadillas and keep his space orderly.  When we pick him up, he’s been playing quietly or outside on the jungle gym.  And when he sees us, he’ll run to get a big hug.   He seems to be enjoying his time there.

The last couple of mornings, he has been playing a game with me.  He will say bye and then falling backwards like taking the nestea plunge.  He’ll do this for 10 minutes or so. He is also saying sorry and thanks a lot.  

His diet is getting worse.  It’s a struggle to get him to eat anything.  We have to feed him but he is picky on what he eats.  Hard to get any veg in his diet.  Tonight, we gave him yogurt with fruit and a peanut butter sandwich.  We tried broccoli but nothing doing.

He also acknowledges Hutson when he enters a room and Hutson lights up when he sees Bode.  They really love each other and have a strong bond.



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