About a week ago Hutson was “spotted” by a woman at Ikea and was asked if he’s ever been in a photoshoot and whether he would be interested. We were very flattered and definitely were interested. It was for gdiapers, a environmentally friendly diaper company. We went on monday, despite the big storm, and everyone fell in love with him on the set. All the ladies cooed over him and of course he had huge smiles for everyone. They took so many adorable pictures of him in their product, but the cutest were these little “Aloha” green and white diapers that he just looked so dang cute in. All the ladies said he was one of the cutest babies around and even some said he was their favorite! Our little star.

Hutson is getting so confident in his movements. He’s powering up the stairs, crawling over every obstable that’s in his way and pulls himself up quickly. He’s even pushing a little table around the kitchen and walking behind it. He watches Boden constantly and wants to always be where he is. Hutson also is feeding himself really well larger. He’s on to blueberries, grapes, melon, peas and of course cheerios. 

Boden continues just to eat incrementally. He just got a high fever in the middle of last night with diarehha so we hope it breaks real soon so he feels better. He even asked for a nap today and last night. And his sleepsack. Yesterday he even said “home,” “home.” Boden is picking up so many new words and is repeating everything you say. He even is repeating farsi. 


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