Pulling himself up!

If you’ve noticed, many of the posts have been about Hutson lately as he’s budding with new developments. Last Sunday, Oct 21st, he started pulling himself up in his bed, Boden’s bed, the table. But then he would get “stranded” and couldn’t get down and would either fall or start crying. Tim had to lower his bed yesterday (Thursday) because he looked like he was going to tip out of it even while standing in his sleep sack. He’s chasing Cici around too and got a bit too close and got swiped on Tuesday pretty good. He’s very interested in what Boden is doing and actually Boden is beginning to aggrevate him more. If Hutson is playing with something, he’ll come and rip it out of his hands and then Hutson will start crying or he’s start picking up all the blocks for instance and moving them away from Hutson while saying “mine, mine, mine.” Not sure where he learned “mine” from but it was probably from play group!

Today something really strange happened. One of my friends stopped over who happens to be black and Hutson was a bit fussy all morning but when he saw her, he just strated screaming at the top of is lungs. He was so upset every time he was around her. After about 10 minutes, she left because he was so afraid, angry, in pain…we don’t know, all I know is that I’ve never seen him so upset for this period of time. His face had red splotches on it from crying so hard!

Boden and Hutson had their last doctor’s visit yesterday with the Dutch care. They came away with flying colors. They both are tracking great…Boden was a bit shy and the doctor asked if he was always this quiet, which made us laugh because he is so not. The size of Boden’s head is larger than average and Hutson is tracking in weight larger than average. When we left, Tim asked Boden to give the Doctor a kiss and the doctor said no he should’nt kiss doctors, only family and friends and this made us think, she’s right. Boden should only kiss people he knows and people “he wants” not what we think…also for his safety. It was a good lesson for us.

Andy is here visiting…poor guy is trying to sleep off is jet lag and he has two early birds getting up at 5am and then having their mid-day melt-downs. Well, it’s family, what can he say!


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