No teeth yet

Coming on to 9 months, little huttie has no teeth yet but he’s ready to take on the stairs! Today at the coffee shop Doppia he climbed up the two stairs and was so proud of himself. Then he continued to practice at home. He went up the stairs with my help. He always crawls to the stairs to pull himself up. He also trying to pull himself up on everything, in the cot, the playpen and on the tables. But this also comes with falls, which means lots of tears. I couldn’t believe he can stand in his bed now.


We took Boden to the doctor today because last thursday he jumped up and down on the couch and banged his head on the arm of the couch giving himself a good ol’ goose egg. Last nighti in the bath the bump looked like the size of his fist so we decided to take him in today. Luckily he’s ok.



Hutson is saying mama and mama a ton! Tim is trying to get him to say dada at no avail. Hutson loves hanging out with Boden. He always crawls over to him and watches him intently. He laughs when Boden laughs and is eager to be part of the action. Boden loves Hutson too. He comes up and pats him on the head or scruffs his stomach. However, sometimes he doesn’t realize that he can be a bit harmful when he smothers him with his jacket or bites him or pats him on the head too head, which then makes Hutson cry and Boden looks to us as “I didn’t do it!” Boden also likes to ride on Hutson’s back, playing horsey, which doesn’t go over well with Hutson either. Hutson’s sounds are quickly mimicked by Boden whether it’s “ma ma ma” or spitting or gurgling, Boden says what Hutson says. Boden is getting a bit posssesive saying “mine, mine, mine” when Hutson trys to play with his trains or other toys. He scoops them all up and runs off. I think he is picking this up from the play group.


Both little buggers little noses are running like faucets. Hutson absolutely hates having his nose touced, screaming at the top of his lungs and Boden is now “blowing” his nose. He has no problem with you asking him to blow it. 


We realized that we have to be careful of our language around Boden. Dad broke a light bulb and said “oh shit” and then Boden went around saying “oh shit, oh shit.” Whoops.

When we go out to coffee, Tim gives Boden money to pay for coffee, which he does and then gives Tim the change but not the Bills. Smart kid!








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