That’s not your Binki

Boden and I were getting some milk for Hutson when Bode took off for the living room.  After the bottle was warmed, I called for Bode to come back upstairs.  He turned his head away from me saying nothing.  I repeated my request…let’s go Bode.  He slightly turned his head but wouldn’t make eye contact.  After a few seconds, I walked over to see what he was up to and he finally looked up and had a big grin on his face which peeked out from the binki he had in his mouth.  He started laughing and took the binki out.  

When Bode runs, he has the cutest gait.  He bends his right arm 90 degrees and tucks it tight against his side.  With his left arm, he swings it wildly as he runs.  His head is slightly tilted towards his right shoulder.  His little legs go as fast as they can, feet pounding the ground.  

His also climbing.  He’s found a way to get up on top of the garbage can…he slides the recycling can over and then jumps on top of that.  He then pulls himself up onto the garbage can.  From there, he is able to unlock the top two locks on the back door.    

Bode is totally into his trains.  He has Tomas the Train and some of his friends.  He makes the choo choo sound and runs the trains all over the house.  

Hutson is still trying to find his first tooth.  He’s drooling and seems to be in some pain but still no tooth to be seen.  He’s crawling and starting to climb.  He is pulling himself up on anything and everything.  He’s started playing with the catdoor.  Flipping the door in and out.  He is also saying ‘mama’ and making kissing sounds.  He’s also giving the raspberry a lot.  

Both boys are suffering from sinus colds.  Seems like for the last month they both fall in and out of sinus stuffiness.  


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