Hutson’s cruising

In one week, Hutson is now crawling around the house. He was slipping on the hard wood floor and then would resort to slinkering around on his tummy or immediately go into his plank position or upward dog as they say in Yoga. But on carpet, he did his best to crawl. Now today he’s crawling on all surfaces, he evening was following Cici around. Poor cat, now she has two mignons after her, though Boden is much more gentle and just wants to give her cuddles. Hutson is so proud of himself. While he crawls, he keeps his head down concentrating on where he is going but then he pauses lifts up his head and beams a big smile as if to say “look what I just did!”. All wires, cables and outlets now have been secured. Though he seems to keep going for his favorite outlet. Hutson also today pulled himself up in his pack and play to a standing position and was giggling so hard. He loves his new accomplishments!

Yesterday, Boden, Hutson and I had the best giggling session. I was in the dining room out of Boden’s visibility and Boden came cruising around the corner from the kitchen and Hutson and I jumped out and went “BOO!” Boden thought that was the funniest thing ever and started howling and then Hutson started laughing hystercially. Then Boden wanted to do it again, but this time I “hid” Hutson and popped him out in front of Boden when he came cruising around the corner. Oh my god, they both were laughing so hard. Boden was on the floor screaming with laughter and Hutson was jumping up and down in my arms laughing. Of course, we had to do this about 15 more times and each time, Boden kept saying “again, again” and he knows he was speaking for both of them!

Boden is not eating well at all. Trickery, bribery, begging…nothing is working. We definitely don’t want to force him to eat either. We just made a meal for him and he picks at it but then goes away from the table. I keep little healthy nibbles out for him so he can reach them. Guess this is really typical for a two year old because they stop growing at the fast rate. Hutson on the other hand is eating for England. He eats three big portions a day, which includes porridge, greens, sweet pototoes, tofu, carrots…we are going to start giving him egg yolks. Plus he has 4-5 bottles. He’s sleeping and napping real well.  Although he’s eating like a king, he is filling out well.  He no longer is soft and pudgy but more solid.

When we drop Boden off at play group, he’s not even phased any more. He goes straight to the trainset. He’s into trains, cars and building blocks at the moment. His vocabulary is increasing and definitely understands a lot. 


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