Hutson starts crawling

After swaying back and forth on all fours, Hutson took his first crawl this morning trying to reach for his toys. He’s crawling before he got teeth! He was really proud of himself. Then after taking a few “steps” he then laid on his stomach and propped him into a sitting position! Wow! So much going on in a day. He’s eatting like crazy, smiling a ton and just as plump as ever.

Boden loves music! He’s addicted. He always has the iPad on to music. And “sings” along. Right now Katy Perry and Gaga are his favorites. I played this game with him tonight, which blew my mind how much he knows, I sang a song but at the end of each verse he sang the last word! A  couple of songs we hardly ever sing to him. Me “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me…” Boden “Happy”, me “Why skies are…” Boden “grey”. Ahhhh.

Last weekend, we went to an “Open mic BBQ”. People took turns up on singing on stage. About an hour into the afternoon, we lost track of Boden…where was he..on stage, climbing onto the piano bench. Then a little girl escorted him down. I think we have to expose this little man to lots of instruments! You never know.

Tonight in the bath tub, Boden and Hutson has so much fun tonight. Hutson is kicking like crazy in the bath tub. He loves it. This gets Boden going kicking. But tonight Boden took it to the next level, was splashing the water like crazy with his hands which had Hutson giggling so hard. He didn’t want to get out of the tub.

Luv these boys!


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