Little Gym

You can see Boden become more courageous.  He no longer cries when dropped off at play group.  He appears to try to have interaction/conversation with other kids.  At little gym, he climbed up the tallest mat which is about two feet high and looked over at me to say…I’m going for it…and jumped off.  The landing wasn’t graceful.  Most likely a little painful as he tumbled onto his face but that didn’t stop him.  He had his cry and then went back to jumping on the air filled tramp and then back to the tall mat. This time with dad’s help, he jumped again.  Boden’s starting to speak a little Dutch…he says ‘Nay’ for no.  Learned that play group.  He also tries to calm Hutson when he cries.  Overall, takes more interest in Hutson.

Hutson is so close to crawling.  He is up on his knees more often than not.  He also is rocking and even pulling himself forward.  I put him on the kitchen floor tonight and he was able to inch over and grab a handfull of kibbles and bits.  We’ll have to watch what we put around him.  He is also making ‘kissing’ sounds.  Not sure if he knows he’s kissing but  it’s cute.  He is also shaking his head more.  I think that is because we try to wipe his nose he protests and has a good defense.  Shakes his head and bats his hands.  Makes it hard to wipe.


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