Big boy pee

Boden was running around naked and doing his usual thing of knocking down blocks, while screaming and laughing tonight when all of sudden he started shouting “Pee, Pee”. I asked, “do you have to go Pee?”, “YUP!” “Do you want to go in the big boy toilet.” “YUP!” So off we went to the big boy toilet and he peed all by himself with mom holding him in the toilet. We did a dance and whooped and hollered in celebration afterwards and then flushed the pee away saying good-bye. He was so excited about it, he tried to do it again 5 mins later but of course couldn’t pee.

The kids routine at the moment is waking up around 6am (6.30 if we’re lucky and 5.30 if we’re not so lucky). Usually, it’s Boden starts to yell for one of us and is a bit cranky. As soon as we go into his room, he’s chipper asking to “Zip, Zip” his sleep sack. Meanwhile, Hutson is stirring in his bed with little noise but gives a few grunts to let us know he’s hungry. He gets his bottle first, while Boden is roaming around the bedroom looking for the Ipad or starts doing body slams on mom, which is not the easiest way to wake up! Next, both get their day clothes on while get’s dressed. They play and hang out a bit in Boden’s room and then dad takes them down for breakfast. Boden is able to eat breakfast by himself – a bowl of cereal with fruit and dad feeds Hutson. They watch a little TV until Maria comes. Hutson takes his first nap either around 8.30 or 9.00, Boden goes to play group on Mon, Wed, Friday. In the evening, Tim comes home. Boden is usually fed or eatting. He get’s Hutson’s Bath going at 6pm and by 6.30pm Hutson is conked out. He has a quick bottle and snuggle and off to sleep. Meanwhile, Boden is hanging out in his room. If mom is home, Dad starts giving Boden a bath or he’s by himself on the ipad. After bath it’s naked time for about an hour and playing with mom and dad, which he loves and we love too!


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