Boden is going to playgroup with confidence.  He no longer stresses and cries when we drop him off but is happy to go and see the others.  He goes straight to the trains and starts playing.  It looks like Bode has a girl friend at the playgroup.  A French/Chinese girl has taken a liking to him and won’t leave his side.  Boden is finding new ways to communicate.  He saw a girl fall and hurt herself at playgroup.  It really made an strong impression on him.  Afterwards, he tried to tell the story to Maria by babbling about what he saw and then reenacting the events by falling down, rolling around and crying.  He brings a new picture home every day.  Today, he brought a big picture of himself with curly blond hair, blue eyes and a big smile.  The picture was life size.  At the little gym, Bode favorite activity is hanging on the high bar.  He’ll hang on for about 10 seconds before letting go.  He still isn’t too sure about the opening activity when the group sits in a circle, sings a song and shake the bells.  But after this, he loves to run, walk on the balance beam and climb on the different obstacles.

Hutson is more and more mobile.  He twirls around in circles on his belly.  Pushes himself backwards and rolls around like crazy.  He’s up in the crawling position and rocking back and forth.  He is babbling and giving the ‘raspberry’.  His grab range is wider.  I left a bowl of his porridge close to his chair and he grabbed it and poured it all over himself.  Cute but messy.  He also likes to grab the ipad when Bode is playing with it which gets a prompt and stern response from Boden…”NO”.  Still no teeth to be seen for Hutson but he likes to bite.  He bit my shoulder the other day and gave me a little bruise.  Cici also is more affectionate with him as he’s bit gentler that Bode was.  Hutson rolled over on top of Cici and she just laid there and enjoyed the attention as Hutson massaged her neck and back.


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