Daily Routine


Hutson is getting more and more active.  He’s able to push himself around in circles and pushing up into a plank position.  He’s getting stronger and more curious.  His ticklish spot is in his neck and tummy.  


HIs current schedule is wake up around 5:30 or six.  He has a bottle and then chills out.  Change of clothes  We all go down stairs around 7 and Hutson plays on a mat or the pac and play while Boden has his breakfast.  At around 8, Hutson has his first meal and then another bottle around 8:30.  Nap time after the bottle.  He usually sleeps for 30 minutes or so.  He has a lot of energy when he gets up and starts to play.  His favorite toys are his plastic mobile phone that plays music when you press the buttons.  He also likes to play with cars and blocks.  Every time he grabs something he will study it and then put it into his mouth.  His second meal is right before his second nap.  He goes down around noon for 30 minutes to an hour.  He then pops up ready to go.  When he wakes up, he doesn’t cry or scream.  He coos and caws.  He has his last meal around 4 along with another bottle.  5:45 is bath time and then his final bottle at 6:15 and then sleep time is at 6:30.  He falls asleep easily.  No crying, no fuss.  

Boden is settling into his routine of three days a week at the playgroup.  Today, we arrived a little early so played on the swing for 5 minutes.  When the class opened, we walked in and started playing with the trains.  I told him that I’m going now and said good bye and gave him a kiss.  He looked at me and said good bye and went back to playing with the trains.  Very courageous little guy.  He’s also repeating a lot of what we say so we have to be careful.  He likes to sing and will sing along with us or the radio/tv.  




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