We finally bought Hutson a high chair and he loves it.  He loves to be part of the action.  In addition, he also eats a ton and is getting heavy.  His diet consists of rice, oatmeal, peas, pears, carrots, avocado, mango and banana.  Doesn’t care too much for carrots.  Tomorrow, he will try nectarines.  We also upgraded his car seat to the sit up model.  He was spilling out of his old maxi cozy and now loves sitting up high and able to look out the window.  He has a big appetite and is gaining weight fast.  You can see it in his face and while carrying him.  He’s getting to be a load.

Bode came down with the flu last Sunday.  He had a temperature of 104 and diarrhea.  Not fun for anyone.  His temp came down on Monday morning but shot back up in the afternoon.  By Tuesday evening, things were back to normal.  Wednesday was the start of Bode’s play group.  He was a bit hesatint at first, but after I left, he calmed down and was beginning to play.  

His new thing is the bodyslam.  If we are laying down, he’ll climb up on top of us and jump up, kick out his legs and land on top of us.  It’s pretty painful if not ready for it.  

This weekend, we went for a walk and Bode had his first soft serve ice cream.  He loved it…had it all over his face by the time he finished.  Today was warm, so we filled up the swimming pool and had a great time in the water.  

Boden went back to play group on Wednesday.   


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