We spent last weekend on the Dutch Island of Terschelling…part of the northern Dutch Wadden Islands.  To get there, we had to drive to the docks and took the ferry over.  We had a great time.  The weather was rainy the first two days so we spent quite a bit of time in the pool.  Boden loves the water and loves swimming.  He’s independant and wants to  swim by himself.  He loved to watch other kids jump into the pool and musterd the courage to do it himself.  At first, he needed to hold both hands and would bend and squat as close to the water and then more or less fall into the pool.  After 30 minutes and watching bigger kids jump in and make huge splashes, Boden got more adventurous and jumped in with only holding on to one hand.  Hutson made his swimming debut and loved it.  He laughed and smiled while splashing around.  He didn’t like floating on his back!   Finally, he went under water and popping up, the look on his face said it all.  What the hell!  His eyes were open as wide as they could be with out popping out of his head and his mouth was was making the DDOOOOHHHH sound.   

The third day there, the weather was great so we went to the beach.  Boden made a run for the waves. In no time, Boden was jumping into the waves and soaking wet.  He was having a ball but it was a bit cold and windy.  Boden’s teeth were chattering and had goose bumps…but didn’t want to go back to the beach tent.  Back at the tent, Hutson was getting sandblasted.  The winds picked up and were blowing sand in his face.  A couple of times, he was almost asleep only to be startled by a big gust of wind and the tent shaking violently and sand getting into his eyes.  

Hutson is sitting up more and is quite sturdy.  At bath time, he sits by himself and chews on the bath toys as we wash his hair and body.  He loves bath time and especially when he and Boden splash around together.  

this morning, Boden woke up around 6am.  Mom went in to greet him and asked if he had a good night sleep…Bode replied ‘no I didn’t’.  Funny.  He’s been cranky lately…maybe because he’s getting his second molars.  He’s also getting to be a manipulator…whining and crying until we give in and let him watch ‘JimJam’ or play with the ipad.  But his real love is being outside and exploring.  

Hutson is getting stronger and moving around a lot.  He’s able to get into the crawling position and will move backwards.  He bothers Boden when he grabs his toys or touches his ipad.  Very funny how Bode reacts…he’ll say ‘NO’  and grab or move the toy or out of Hutson’s range. 


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