Boden went to the potty in his little toilet today.  After his shower, he was enjoying some ‘naked time’ and was playing in his room when all of a sudden he runs into the bathroom.  He was trying to lift the lid to the toilet.  I offered him his little ‘hippo pot’ and he stood over it and went tinkle.  Very exciting.  High fives all around!!!  This is the first time we’ve seen him look to go to the toilet.  He’s looked concerned before but never to the point where he runs to the bathroom.  Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come.  Mom bought some ‘detangler’ for Bode’s hair.  After showers and when he wakes up, it’s tough to run a brush or comb through his hair.  So, after the shower or in the AM, we spray this stuff in his hair and it turns the hair from a sticky birds nest into a pot of spaghetti.  

Hutson is on the move.  He not only rolls over with ease, but now he is pushing himself with his arms and legs.  He can scoot on his back and also pushes himself backwards with his arms.  A few times, he’s gotten into the crawling position.  We’ll often find him in a 180 position from where we laid him down for bed or crammed up against the cribside.   Hutson also anticipates very well.  When we go to pick him up, he lifts his arms to meet us.  When we walk down stairs, he will lean into us for balance, when he sees his bottle or spoonfull of food, he goes for it and if he sees something in his range, he’ll grab for it.  


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