Boden in command

We’re finding it easier to ask Boden to do things rather than get in a power struggle. “Boden can you turn off your Ipad, Boden can you turn off your shower, Boden can you give Dad the remote, Boden can you lay down and close your eyes and go to sleep?” Well maybe not the last one but it does work most of the time! He’s very responsive to our wishes as long as you package them friendly and make it sound like it’s a win for him.

Boden new thing before going to bed is spinning around and around until he gets uber dizzy. Then he falls down or starts to walk into things like a drunk sailor, getting an absoulte riot out of it

One of boden’s favorite items is my makeup brush. He blots it all over his face and ends up looking like he has a nice tan.

The other morning, Boden got up uber early so I went and got him and told him it was still night time and that he had to still sleep. That didnt’ work so I brought him into bed and said it’s time to sleep. He laid in our bed motionless for 10 minutes almost scared to move. Then dad rolled over and it was is “liscense” to roll around and start chatting it up. At least we got 10 mins of peace! But it just shows how he’s listening more to mom and dad when we give instructions.

One of Boden’s favorite sayings is “oh nooo!”.  He also has a new scrunchy face that he uses.

Today was one of the hottest days of the year! Both boys were so hot, especially Hutson. We stuck them both in the same room to sleep, since Boden’s room is cooler. So far so good!


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