Sitting Up

Hutson is at the point where he would rather sit up than lay down.  Sitting up, he’s able to watch what’s going on around him.  He’s pretty stable, occasionally tipping over to the side or backwards but is able to sit for long periods of time by himself, playing with whatever is in front of him. It also gives him the opportunity to closely observe everything Boden is doing and feel part of the action. He loves watching is big brother. We sit Hutson up in his cot and he can just peer over the edge with his bright blue eyes. He started sitting up stabely last thursday. As a result, he has graduated to the “big bath tub”.

When he wakes up, I think he can anticipate when we come in because he’s been looking at the door the last few times I’ve come in when he’s calling for someone to come pick him up.  He rolls over in the bed on his stomach to get a better view. Then he gets tired of propping himself up and ends up falling asleep on his tummy. He sleeps on his side too. He never got the bald spot.

Hutson’s eyes are changing in the morning since he’s had solid food. They are a bit narrow, like Boden’s gets in the morning. We usually put Hutson in Bed with Boden when Boden wakes up. And he always snuggles up to hutson. Hutson’s little white “pimple” in the corner of his eye is finally gone. It just disappered, after wanting to squeeze it for 6 mos.

Part of Hutson’s bedtime routine is reading a book, but neither Tim or I are very disciplined about it because after the bath and bottle he is usually ready to crash. When I do read him a book, he lunges for it. So different from Boden who acutally was more into his hands than the book. But Hutson always wants to grab and try to “read” it himself. Hutson when he drinks from the bottle, he is so close to holding it by himself. His other favorite thing to do is run his fingers thru his hair when he drinks.

Boden spent all afternoon in his swimming pool.  The weather finally was warm enough to blow it up and he had a blast.  He spent most of his time with his bucket pouring water out of the pool but occasionally dumped it over his head.   The sun was hot so we had to put plenty of sunscreen on. 

Boden loves to get dizzy.  He will spin himself around silly until he can’t walk or stand.  He’ll laugh and then fall to the ground.  It looks like he falls hard and might be hurt but he continues to giggle and then gets back up and starts to spin again.  


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