Hop on Pop

Boden is getting much more affectionate and like to give kisses.  Tonight, he gave mom a spontanious smak on the lips.  He’s also getting into Dr. Seuss and enjoys Hop on Pop.  Before bed, he is always asking for ‘Hop on Pop’. Tonight Bode and mom were singing Hop on Pop.  He’s also stacking like crazy…he’s got blocks and boxes he piles up and then goes Godzilla and knocks them all over. 


On Sunday, we went for a nice walk in the ‘Groeneveld’ where Bode found the joys of throwing rocks into a pond.  He threw hundreds in and didn’t want to stop.  He also fed some ducks and played with the dogs in the park.  One dog named Macho was very playful, but he was also a 120 lbs boxer.  Luckily, mom was able to scoop him up before Macho tackled him.  He also gave Bode a big wet dog kiss.


Bode is also not eating real well…unless it’s a cookie, banana, or juice.  He rather would go without.


Hutson is starting to blow strawberries.  Sticks his tongue between his lips and lets it fly.  He also ate sweet potato today for the first time.  He wasn’t sure about the taste but ate a little bit.  When eating, he’s starting to lean into the spoon and going to get the food.  





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