Just Rolling Around

Hutson has officially become a roller.  Front to back, back to front…doesn’t matter.  His preference is to roll to the left, and when he rolls onto his stomach, he picks his head up high to say…hey, what’s going on?  He has such a confident look on his face after he rolls.  He’s also eating solids much better.  He ate avocado today and enjoyed it.  He’s also sitting up.  Not so steady but he’ll sit for a while then slide over to one side or another…

Hutson is grabbing everything.  He seems to use his fingers like a comb or shovel and grips with what looks like his pinky and rakes things to him.  

The stuff that comes out of Boden’s mouth is sometimes amazing.  Today he recited his ABC’s…missed a few letters here and there but made it all the way to Z and then gave the ‘now I know my abc’s, next time won’t you sing with me’ a shot.  

After his shower tonight, Bode was running around the bedroom naked when he let out a fart…and then he said ‘beep’ without skipping a beat.  Then kept on running.  Mom and Boden play horsie…He climbs on mom’s back and then mom gallops around the house with Bode hanging on, squeeling at the top of his lungs.  This is his favorite game.  He’s also getting pretty good at putting on make up.  He’ll grab mom’s powder brush and give his cheeks a little more color.  

Last night, as I put Boden to bed, I said good night and I love you.  Bode responded ‘I love you’.  Very sweet. 


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