On the Phone

Boden picked up the phone today and started speaking.  He said ‘hello’ and then went on to have a 2 minute conversation and then said ‘good bye’ and hung up. Pretty funny.  Boden’s hair is getting longer and longer.  When you brush it…it is quite a maine.  Big, blond flowing curley locks… 

Hutson is expanding his food choice.  He’s had rice, banana, and oatmeal.  He doesn’t keep much in his mouth but no longer puts on a face like….what is this and why is it in my mouth.   Hutson continues to grow…his last dr visit had him weighing at 7.98 kgs.  He received a clean bill of health and the dr was very pleased with his coordination, strength, movement, ability to sit up by himself, huge smile and bright eyes.  

Sleep comes easy to Hutson.  He went down tonight by himself…he finished his bottle and looked at me and said…you can put me down now…I’m done.  So I did.  He rolled onto his left side and fell asleep straight away.  He sleeps through the night regularly now and will wake up around 6:00.  Today he woke up at 5:45 and drank his bottle and then snuggled with me for another hour until Boden woke up.  


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