Wake up

When Boden wakes up in the morning, he gives a quick cry and then start to call for Mama and Dada.  He’ll be patient while we go down stairs and get his glass of milk and return.  When we open the door, he is standing in the crib, hair very Einstein like and a big smile on his face.  Hutson, on the other hand is usually cooing and calmly waiting for us to arrive for a change of diapers and bottle of warm milk.  

Hutson has started increasing his grab range.  When changing his diapers, he’ll reach above his head and grab the wipes and creams in the baskets.  He’ll also suck on his toes and try to roll over.  Even when laying on the floor or in his crib, anything in range will be pulled down and becomes a plaything.

Shopping with Boden and Hutson is an adventure.  Boden has started to grab things he likes and put them into the cart.  Yesterday, he grabbed two mellons, a tomato, and a cucumber.  I intentionally avoided the candy isle.  Hutson cruises along and gets a lot of admiring looks from the other patrons.  

While walking home from the store, Bode knows which stores to walk into.  He is always given treats at the olive store, the fruit and veg stand, the flower stand and the bread store.  Bode took this trip mixing walking and riding on his trailer seat that hooks up to the stroller.  It works great normally but lately, Boden has started dragging his feet behind him.  Well, this time, his foot got caught on something and he took a tumble off and bumped his head right in front of three Dutch women.  They quickly ran to him and scooped him off the ground.  Dad was busy trying to put the brake on the stroller so Hutson didn’t roll away.  They gave him some snuggles and then handed Bode back to dad.  

Later on Saturday, it was warm so we all walked up to the ice cream shop and got a scoop of chocolate.  At first, Bode didn’t want any.  We just sat out in the sun and watch the ice cream melt.  Then after dad ate about half of the cup, Bode decided he better try some.  He ate the rest.  

Hutson has been sleeping through the night.  He’ll go down around 6:30 – 7 and sleep to 5:30 – 6.  On sat morning, he slept till 6:30 which was a real treat.  We continue to feed him solids which he doesn’t seem to care for much yet.  Last night, he ate 4 spoonfulls but then starting spitting out the rest.  Hutson is drooling a lot but there are no signs of teeth yet.  His cradle cap is slowly starting to dry up and flake off.  With every bath and hair washing, he loses a little more.  


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