Happy Birthday Boden

Boden celebrated his second birthday in style.  We had more of a birthday weekend.  Mom and dad took Friday off which was his birthday.  It was a warm day so we went to lake Loosdrecht for some beach time.  Armed with his water wings, pail and shovel, Bode spent 2.5 straight hours in the water.  He started off playing on the beach, getting his feet wet and then after he warmed up, decided to go all in and start swimming.  Didn’t want mom or dad to hold on.  He even tried to swim across ‘the ropes’ into the boating area.  He made a couple of friends and started digging holes and filling them with water.

Afterwards, we went to the toystore ‘Bart Smit’ and bought his gifts.  A couple of race cars Bode loved.  He also picked out some bubbles and had some french chocolate bread.  At bedtime, he was exhausted and wanted to go to bed but after we put him down, he started screaming like I’ve never heard him scream before.  We ran upstairs to find his ‘Oscar’ had fallen out of bed onto the floor.  Once Oscar was returned, Bode went straight to bed.

Saturday brought Bode’s party.  Six of his “closest” friends…close in age that is, decended on Gerard Doulaan 5 for a real party.  We rented a bouncy castle, decorated the house with balloons and streamers, made Elmo and Cookie Monster cup cakes and were ready for a great time.  We found out that Bode loves M&Ms, chips and chocolate cup cakes.  Bode still plays around other kids rather than with them.  This was evident with in the bouncy castle.  He was always floating around the outside of the group…until Mia arrived and included Bode in everything.  He was even giving her kisses and hugs. Bode liked watching everyone rough house in the ‘BC’ but when dad started playing rough with the other kids, Bode got upset and started crying, thinking Dad was getting hurt.  His favorite gift was a big Elmo about the size of Bode.  He took him everywhere including bed.  And kept calling out Elmo.

On Sunday, relaxed around the house and tried shake off his sugar buzz from Saturday.  He had a hard fall when trying to get out of his chair after lunch.  He tried to stretch a little too far across the table and lost his footing on the chair and fell back and hit his head on the chair and floor.  Ouch.  He’s got a bit of a bump on the back of his head.  At the end of the day, when going to bed, mom asked Bode…’how old is Boden’…Bode’s response was…’twooo’.  Happy birthday little buddy.


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