Hutson sleeps thru the night!

Hutson slept thru the night last night. Hip, hip hoorah! We put him to bed around 7pm and this week he’s been surpassing the 9-10pm waking and last night, he skipped the 1-2am waking. Tim and I got up at 5:30am and realized neither one of us got up in the middle of night to feed him. At 6 months (almost…next week). He slept thru! Cross our fingers that it hapens again tonight and tmr, and the next night….

 Hutson also rolled over! Both Tim and I saw him do it in his bed but Maria said she saw him do it during the day. He also yesterday swallowed his rice cereal rather than swirl it around in his mouth. Maria also has been sleep training him. He is taking longer naps and falling asleep with little to no soothing.

 So slept thru the night, own room, sleep training, solids, and roll over all in one week at almost 6 months.

Boden spent the day outdoors all day today..naked most of the time. He has his first tan. This kid is going to bronze really well


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