Boden has taken to singing.  When listening to the radio, youtube or other show and hears music and starts to sing along.  He’ll also belt out a nice ABC rendition upto G.  Then he skips to S and Y.  He’s already a dancer and is always adding a new move or two.  His latest are a butt slap, head bob and the ‘mash potato’.

He’s also been falling asleep a bit later than normal.  We’ll put him down around 7:30 as normal.  He’ll give his 5 minute protest and then lay down and talk with his toys, sing a bit and then finally going down around 9:00.

Hutson is starting to scoot a bit.  He’ll be laying on his back and kicking his legs and then will dig his heals in and push himself forward.  Pretty strong legs for a little guy.  He’s also napping longer.  His morning and mid day nap have extended to an hour.  He is also visually following people.  This morning, Bode was running around the living room and Hutson was looking left and right trying to keep up with his older brother.  His grip is also strong.  He’ll grab on and won’t let go.


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