Hutson gets his own room

Today we dismantled our walk-in closet and officially gave Hutson his own room. Another milestone in Hutson growing up. He’ll be sleeping in there for the first time tonight.  Along with the new room, he has grown into 6-9 month clothing.  He has a bunch of new clothes to wear now.  

Hutson is grabbing for everything and trying to stick it into his mouth. He’s tactile. When he sits in the bumpo he tries to push himself out by arching his back, something that Boden didn’t do until much later. He also tries and reaches for things while sitting in it and also had a major poop explosion up the back as well. 

Hutson is not taking to solid foods as quickly as we expected.  He’ll take it into his mouth, give a curious look on his face, swish the cereal around his mouth and then spit it out.   His appetite for milk is increasing.  He’s been drinking 150 ml per feeding regularly.   

We are now trying to sleep train Hutson.  He normally falls asleep in our arms but now, we’d like to put him down drowsy and fall asleep on his own.  He has fought this and cries in protest.  His little chin get wrinklie wehn he cries…very cute.  

Boden gets really shy around other kids.  He tucks his chin into his chest, raises his shoulders to his ears and looks stressed when there are a lot of kids around.  He also is becoming a bit more distructive.   When he is upset, he throws things and falls to the ground crying, pounding and kicking the floor.         

Hazel, the playgroup instructor says Bode is a joy in the group.  He plays well with others, is respectful and has fun…which is most important.  Last week, Bode didn’t want to leave, prefering to play on the slide.  


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