Huton eating and haircut

This weekend Hutson had some big milestones. We gave him solids for the first time and he wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. But he sat in his Bumpo and was a trooper trying to make sense of this new senstation.  He was eager to chew on the spoon but when he felt this foreign substance in his mouth, he gave a puzzled look and worked it out. 

We also decided to cut Hutson’s hair this weekend as well. Just the little flips on the sides and also tail he was growing in the back. His hair is definitely becoming curly and more blond. It will be interesting to see if we have two toe heads.  His hair is so long and thick that he is able to wind and twirl his fingers through his hair.  

We are still trying to wean Hutson from Nursing. He’s taken to the bottle well but prefers nursing. At night Hutson is like a rotating wheel. When I get him for a feeding, he turned sideways in the bed with his head and hands jammed thru the crib arms. He moves so much. I think he also prefers to snuggle in bed than sleep alone.  He’s a good snuggler.  

Hutson is so close to rolling over.  Just needs to get over his shoulder.  He’s basically on his tummy but is hung up on his arm/shoulder.

Cici has taking a liking to Hutson as well.  Much more than Boden.  She will snuggle up to Hutson and let him ‘pet’ her.  She never did this with Bode.  Hutson also laughs and smiles when petting her.  


Boden is officially off bottles.  He now drinks his milk out of a sippy cup.  He’s also off formula drinking full milk.  He’s made the transition well although when he spots Hutson’s, he thinks about taking a sip.

Boden follows Cici around with her hard food trying to feed her. Boden is mimicking us a ton…when I call for TIM, TIM to get me something, next thing I hear is Boden yelling TIM! TIM!   He also started singing along to a lullaby.  Was more of a hum than singing but he tried to keep the beat and melody.

Boden also got a hold of Pascha’s toe seperator and tried to put it inbetween his toes.  Very funny.  He also is able to anticipate events.  He will see mom or dad putting on their shoes and says ‘good-bye’ or gets his shoes to go to.  He hears plastic unrapping in the kitchen and yells ‘cookie’ while running in to see if he’ll be getting a snack.  

Bode also likes to sit in the drivers seat of the car and press all the buttons, turn on the flashers, play with the radio and sun roof and make a vroooom and beep beep sounds.  He honked the horn accidentally which made him jump…and then give a big grin like he just discovered the fountain of youth.


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