Hutson is really starting to assert himself in the past two weeks.  He is trying to roll over…almost there little guy, Talking all the time, laughing and giggling when he sees himself in the mirror, giving everyone he sees a big toothless grin.  I even think he said ‘mama’ the other day.  He is getting stronger and is almost able to sit up on his own.  He is more adept at grabbing things in range and immediately brings them to his mouth.  Sleeping habits are getting a little rough.  He wakes up every 3 hours or so during the night for a feeding.  We think solids are needed so will give him some this weekend and are in the process of weening him from the breast.  He also likes his binki now more than ever.  Boden is able to get his attention and Hutson looks for him in the morning.  It’s not all fun with Boden as Boden loves to point out Hutsons body parts…often poking him in the eye.  OUCH!!!  

Boden’s language is getting better and broader.  He repeats everything so cursing is no longer allowed.  He is more confident with climbing and can easily get in and out of his high chair.  He often pulls or pushes chairs over to counters or tables so he can get a better look at what he can play with…usually getting to a computer or phone.  His ears don’t seem to give him much problem over the past week.  Going to play group this week was a bit more of a challenge.  We walked to the school and Bode didn’t want to go in.  After I carried him in, he wouldn’t leave my side.   After warming up, he started playing with another boy who had a couple of rubber balls and a track to run them on.  Bode was digging that.  Soon after, I told Bode I was leaving and he got upset.  I gave him to Hazel and she calmed him.  When we picked him up, he was playing with a couple of hoops and balls and didn’t really care to come home.  

Last weekend, we visited Paris.  It wasn’t a real sight seeing trip, but we did visit the eiffel tower and a few other nice spots with the boys.  The boys adapted well to sleeping outside of their own beds.  Hutson slept wiht mom and dad while Bode was in the pac and play.  Hutson had a busy first night…kicking mom and dad all night.  He must have been playing soccer in his sleep.  For the rest of the weekend, they played well together and spoke a little french. 


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