Big boy moments

Boden and Hutson are showing quite a few progressions. Bode has what we call Big Boy moments. Last Thursday, he learned to kick the ball all by himself and was kicking it all over the yard making great foot and ball coordination. He would even pick it up and throw it.

Boden was standing next to me at the table and he all of sudden blurted out “A, B..” this is where he usually stops but continued “…C,D,E,F,G”. I was like what did you just say? He hasnt repeated it but it’s definitely tucked into his memory somewhere. He was climbing up the stairs on Sunday morning as said “1,2,3,4,5,6,7”.  He is using words a lot more “water, please.” He repeats more of what we say and what he hears on his iPad. Not sure if the surgery helped but it seemed to.

We had a bbq this weekend and he was running around like crazy. He played with Zayne who is 7 years old and was so good with Boden. He had a blast chasing Zayne around and Zayne was so patient with him. Boden was giggling and laughing the whole day but crashed at 6:30pm. It was funny, Boden had a maraka in his hand was banging it on his leg and said “ow!”.

Tonight I was putting the kids down by myself. Hutson was asleep and as I put Boden down, he started screaming, which woke up Hutson. So I told Boden we were going to say goodnight to Hutson and said lay on the bed very quietly. As I rocked Hutson to sleep, Boden laid on the bed and didn’t make a peep. After Hutson was asleep,  I said it’s not your turn. I took him into his room and he gave a slight whimper and I said, it’s now time to go to sleep and he did. He is really listening to what we are saying.

We are trying to get Boden to eat more “big people” food. We made him veggie burgers, he liked that. Didn’t like the salmon cakes. He likes most veggies. Doesn’t like meat though we disguised chicken meat in his food.

Boden pulled up a chair to the table and was banging on Denise’s computer. He is able to climb down out of his high chair by himself and grab glasses off the counter tops.

Good news is Boden’s ear has cleared up.

Hutson is desperately trying to roll over. He grabbed the little rings on his play  He grabs and brings things to his mouth. He loves his Kikker book and dinasour book which crackles. He is giggling a ton, especially when Dad or mom are giggling with him.

Hutson leans into Dad when he’s carried down the stairs. He’s really enjoying massage time, squirming and talking a ton.

In the morning both the boys are in the best mood. Boden comes jumping on our bed. He gives Hutson kisses and hugs.


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