Boden’s recovery & Hutson’s 3rd vaccinations

Saturday night after the surgery, Boden had a vomitting episode which lasted thru the night. On Sunday, he ran and high fever for most of the day with heavy ear drainage, which prompted us to call the doctor. They recommended we call his surgeon in the morning if the fever continued. We called Monday morning as he still had the high fever we took him in the the doctor said he had infection in both ears, most likely due to the build up he had. He just layed on the couch most of the day and watched cartoons, which he never does.

We had our new nanny start today. She seemed to really enjoy the boys. Hutson had his 3rd vaccinations on Monday. He took it like a trooper but he seemed to be irriated through out the day. So the boys were a handful. Glad a stayed home with Maria otherwise it probably would’ve been too much.

Boden actually said…”this is a door,” pointing to his bedroom door. It’s so fun to hear him talk.


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