Boden’s First Surgery

On Friday, June 22nd, we took Boden to get his aneoids removed and tubes put in his ears. We couldn’t feed him before the surgergy which was at 9:45am. So when he woke up at 6am all we could give him was apple juice and we felt so bad when he kept giving us the eat and milk sign. We kept him distracted with playing until we had to go.  When we gave him apple juice instead of milk, he took a sip and looked at me and said…”Juice?”  It was more of a question than a statement.

We went to the hospital and as soon was we got off the elevator someone was there to greet us. She said only one of us can go with Boden get to be put under. I stayed with Hutson went with Boden and in about 3 minutes he was back. He said that they put a mask over Boden’s face, which made him cry and then he was out. We went into the waiting area and in 5 minutes Boden was out! They didn’t even change his clothes. He was out before 10am. They wheeled him out laying on the bed, which made me sad. He had his little stripped white/blue cheeky monkey t-shirt on and his navy converse. As he started to wake up, some blood squirted out of his nose and mouth. When his eyes opened up I was able to hold him.

There was an assembly line of kids coming in and out of the surgery. Just funny to see. We then went to a larger waiting room where all the kids got popcles. He was a bit cranky before his nap but after his nap, he seemed to be just fine like nothing happened.

This week Boden is saying a lot more words. Yesterday morning when he was waking up and called to get me he said “mama, mama what are you doing?”. He points to pictures in books and calls out bear, shoes, ball. He copies what I say when I say pull down the blinds, he says pull. He says banana properly now “banana”. He learns a bit from YouTube. He says G when he saw the G song.  He says up and down and on and off.  He also recognises people in photos like grandma and grandpa and nana and bapa.

He’s getting so much more affectionate. He runs to me and grits his teeth so hard and tries to pinch me. He is very intense.

Hutson is learning to sleep more and more on his own. He also is now into 3 naps per day.  One at around 8:00, a second around noon and the third around 3:30 or so.  He finally goes to sleep at 6:30 or so.  We see Hutson is trying to roll over.  He’ll pull his knees up and try to grab his feet and then roll over onto his right side.  He’s almost there.  Hut is also very grabby.  He will grab anything in arms reach…keys, a toy, hair or a misplaced drinking glass.  He is also total smiler and giggler.  And it doesn’t take much to get him going.

We fed Hutson some rice with his milk tonight. He didn’t really go for it but this is the start of solid foods for Hutson.  We hope this will help him sleep through the night.


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