Neighborhood Carnival

The boys are growing so fast.  Hutson is already 4 months old and Boden is 22 months.  And with these two active guys, things won’t slow down.  

Hutson discovered his toes this morning.  While changing his diapers, he kicked his feet up high and grabbed the left toes with his hand.  Pretty slick.  He’s also been dealing with a bit of constipation.  This has come about as we’ve started alternating formula with the breast milk.  He gets tummy massages to help but no luck as of tonight.  Hutson is smiling more and more often.  He loves meeting new people and flashing his toothless grin.  People are drawn to him and the twinkle in his eyes and big smile.  

Boden’s verbal development continues.  He understands (we think) most of what we say.  In addition, his vocabulary grows every day.  HIs latest words are ‘Elmo’, ‘Cookie’ for both cookie and cookie monster, ‘Tubby’ for teletubbies, bath, bird for bird or big bird, shoes, and the list goes on.  Lately, he is saying good bye at every chance.  He says bye to the water going down the drain, to food being eaten, balls rolling under the couch and so on.  Not just to people leaving.  Last night, while going to bed, we were reading a book and starting to snuggle, I put my chin on the top of his head.  Boden pushed my chin off his head and said bye.  I asked if he wanted to go to bed and he said yea.  When I put him down, he said bye and closed his eyes.

Today we went to our neighborhood carnival.  Boden had a great time on the ‘moon jumper’ and interacting with other kids.  I think he struggles a little bit with other kids speaking dutch to him but shrugs it off and starts laughing with the others.  He also played knock the paint cans over by throwing a ball.  Boden loved the game and the crash sounds the cans would make when hitting the ground.  He even started ‘helping’ the other kids after they threw the ball.  If they didn’t knock them all over, Bode would run up to the table and knock the rest over and then clap and laugh as the cans went crashing to the ground.  He also had his first marshmellow followed by 3 more.  After three hours playing at the carnival, Boden was spent and we went home.



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