Fond moments

Hutson had his first formula feeding last week while mom was in Japan. He went the whole week on the bottle and the breast milk ran low so Tim decided to mix formula in with it and he actually took to it just fine. 

Tim told Boden I was coming home and when Gosia our cleaner unlocked the door, he said “mama, mama”. He was anticipating my return. When I finally did come in, he greeted me and then ran away. Then he gave me a big hug.

Hutson’s hair is getting blonder and beginning to flip out on the side just like Boden’s did early on. His little leg rolls are disappearing as his legs are becoming longer. Hutson also loves sucking on clothes, he sucks on shirts, rags or his own clothes. He is also able to to stick things back in his mouth. He took his binky out and stuck it back in. He’s still intensely interested in his hands and coo’s continously with a little gurgle. He’s fallen into taking 3 naps a day. Still requires soothing but can also also fall also fall asleep, if he as too, self-soothing. He smiles a lot. Giving new people and even skype calls his toothless grin. He enjoys the bath and coos as he sit him down into the water. Cici came up and nuzzled Hutson and he started giggling hysterically.

Boden is adoring cici. He’s much gentler with her and gets so excited to pet her that he clenches his teeth really hard and starts shaking. She is also way more tolerant of him and actually lets him cuddle her. If he doesn’t want her to go outside, he jumps in front of her cat door. Boden is communicating a lot more. He’s confident in saying one two three and also calls out “O,M,Y,A” really well.  We went to the little gym on Sunday morning. At first it was really shy and hung on me (something he never does) and finally warmed up. He practiced a ton on the balance beam and loved playing with the bubbles and the balls. He ran into a kid really hard and they were both a bit disoriented by it. Neither cried but both ran to mom. Boden kept running into my arms and jumping on me, which always maks me feel good. 

One of the nights before I left, Boden was jumping on our bed without covers. He thought it was the best thing ever. He was jumping and flopping around on the bed and then started jumping on me. We both giggled and laughed so hard. This was the first I had the enjoyment of wrestling around with boden. I was either pregnant or breast feeding hutson.

Boden’s palette is increasing, he’s enjoying couscous, red pepper and green oinions for instance. 


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