Morning Routine

Boden and Hutson have morning routines.  Hutson usually wakes up first.  He gets a little restless around 5ish and then pops up for a bottle and changing around 5:30.  Boden has been waking up around 5:45 demanding his bottle.  He has his bottle while having his diapers changed and getting dressed for the day.  Bode and I then go into the bathroom to brush our teeth and then off to the closet to get dressed and ‘put on our deoderant’.  We all then go down stairs for breakfast.  Boden usually has either cereal or some sort of porridge along with a banana.  Hutson lays on the table listening to Boden’s rambling.

This morning after eating, I was feeding Hutson a bottle on the couch and Bode came up next to me and demanded to hold Hutson.  Boden held both arms out and then climbed up on the couch and put his arms out again.  So I put Hutson in his arms and Bode proceeded to ‘rock’ Hutson.  He then started to name all of Hutson’s body parts…poking him in the eye and putting his finger in his mouth.  After about 10 minutes, Hut started crying and I picked him up.  Boden was shocked and demanded Hutson be returned.

Boden cuddling Hutson

Boden has started climbing into his chair for dinner.  It’s not the smoothest thing you’ll see but he can get up in the seat.  Getting down is a different story…


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