Welcome June

It’s been two weeks since we’ve returned from our trip to the US and Boden continues to be a bit anxious about going to bed at night.  Call is seperation anxiety or whatever, Bode must have his outburst before falling off to sleep.  Tonight, before putting him down, he was almost asleep in my arms when I put him down and he fired up and has been screaming at the top of his lungs for the last 30 minutes.  I went in for about 5 minutes to cool him off and then put him down again but he continues to protest now at 19:50.  Today, Boden went for a long walk with Zeenath.  They walked to the Albert Hein in the city center which is about 1 KM and back.  Upon returning to the house, Boden sat down in the driveway exhausted.  When Zeenath asked him if he was tired, he said ‘Yea yea yea.”   

Hutson has been growing and eating like crazy.  He seems bigger by the day.  A smile and toothless grin is always on his face.  When we have tummy time, Hutson raises and holds his head up and keeps it up.  He is eating 150cc of milk per meal and eats a little faster.  He seems to want the binki a bit more than even a month ago and wakes up if it falls out of his mouth while sleeping.  



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