Last week of being Home with the Boys

This was my last week of being home with the Boys. Coping with jet lag was one of our biggest challenges. The nights were very short and with both staying up late, it really eroded into any downtime for us. We managed to get out on Thursday night and Zeenath said it was one of her hardest babysitting nights ever because both were screaming a ton. By Friday evening, we decided to give Boden meletonin which helped immensely with the transition.

This week was water week. The weather was considerably warm so we got Boden’s pool up and running with some creative problem solving (going to the gas station). He was in the pool for the entire week or playing with the hose. We went over to Denise and Mark’s on Sunday and Bode played in their sprinkler for at least 3 hours.

Boden is right on par with what the Baby websites said he would be doing…being afraid of  insects. He screams at ones that crawl or fly. He’s more receptive to ants. Go figure

Boden is so much more agile and coordinated with his body. He can quickly jump up on the couch. He desperately is still trying to jump and often practices. He is also saying more words like “bath, elmo, baby”. He is also more affectionate. In Portland, he gave Nana a big hug and was pinching everyone. He even gives kisses either spontaneously or when asked. He also seems to see himself as bigger. He can’t be bothered with his Board books anymore and wants to read the bigger, newer books. We forgot Oscar back in Portland. Oscar 2 had to come out but it didn’t seem to phase him too much.

Hutson is getting so much bigger. This week we switched him into #3 diapers, could’ve been earlier during the trip but we did it now. I think we are going to make the crib bigger. His little feet are peaking thru the bars. Hutson has discovered his hands and even more fun, he’s interested in toys and clothes. He investigates anything that is put in his hand and brings little towels, blankets up to his face and nuzzles them.

Danielle, the boys new nanny, started this week. She is working alongside Zeenath for the time being. She is really good at soothing Hutson to sleep and seems to have won Boden over.

Last night, Boden and I had an absolutle ball. He wanted to jump on the bed and bounced all around the bed and was giggling and laughing hysterical. I was on the bed with him and he was pouncing all over me, flopping and throwing himself on me. We played horsey and wrestled. It was so much fun. He was so upset to stop our party.


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