Coming Home

The plane ride back to portland started out rather bumpy. The airline separated us and didin’t give us a bassinet. So immediately we were at at disadvantage. The boys actually were really good. Hutson was a bit more vocal on this leg than the one over. I was constantly nursing him or rocking him. Boden was rather cooperative. We ran up and down the plane a few times but eventually I got him to crash in my arms where we slept for at 3 hours or so. Tim and I traded so I could feed Hutson.

We arrived home and Boden was asleep in the van ride back but once we pulled up next to our house. He lit up. He perked up and ran thru the house. He saw Cici and was so excited “yeah!” he shouted and clapped his hands. He laid next to her on the floor and tried to put his head on her shoulder and stroked her. He had to do all his favorite things in a manner of 5 minutes being home. This included getting out his favorite toys, running up to the attic, trying to get in shower (which actually ended up giving him). They both napped after that. I had to nap as well and Hutson snuggled up with me. He makes the best snuggler. So we slept like that for about 4 hours on the bed.

The evening ended up being horrible. They both were so dioriented and stayed up to about 1-2am. Poor Tim had to go to work the next day. 

The following day wasn’t any better. Boden slept in late – until about 10am and again we had a really difficult night with both staying up past midnight. 


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