Trip Around the USA

At the end of the trip to Illinois, Boden and grandma took a trip to the park.  Bode had a great time running around, playing on the jungle gym.  Grandma took a ton of photos of him and Bode played with her picking up wood chips and trying to bury her.   Bode also had a great time playing with grandpa in the early mornings.  He would run upto grandpa and tickle/pinch his knees and then run away giggling.  Bode also started eating cherios by himself.  Most of the cereal wound up on either Bode or the floor, but he handled the spoon very well.

Hutson also enjoyed hanging out in Illinois.  He was in heaven being held constantly by grandma and grandpa, aunt Dara and uncle Tod the rest of our friends in BN.  He flashed his million dollar smile and snuggled with whoever held him.

Sleep was a big adjustment for the guys.  Hutson took to the new time zone pretty quickly. Boden on the other hand struggled.  He was up every morning at 2:30-3:00.  Grandma and grandpa were real team players and were up around 4:00 for a quick play and then back to bed.  After mom and Hutson awoke, dad would go back to bed for a quick nap.

One warm afternoon, we took a trip to the BN zoo.  Boden had a good time checking out the animals with his favorite being the otters.  He wanted to jump in the pool with them.  The rest of the zoo was soso for Bode but he enjoyed the visit.



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