Off to Minnesota

After a wonderful trip to Illinois, we jumped on our third flight to Minneapolis at 6:30am.  Bode and Hutson both fell asleep the last minutes of the flight so they had to be carried out off the plane.  John picked us and all our luggage up at 8.30.  By 9:30, we were at Deb and John’s place and Bode was playing with Brandy, the golden retriever.   Bode learned how to play fetch and throw the ball to Brandy.  He was giggling histarically.

He was uber tired though because he didn’t get to sleep in properly. Little Ryder pulled him in the red wagon to the near by park. Bode was in the toddler swing, which he absolutely loved but soon had enough and on the way back he asked to get back into the red wagon.

Aunt Barbara met us at the park, but by that time he was so tired. We took him to bed and he still struggles to sleep alone. Tim had to snuggle up to him. He didn’t sleep hardly at all. We developed a pattern during this trip of having Tim snuggle with Boden until he fell asleep partly because we didn’t want to disturb our hosts but also because Bode was unfamiliar with his surroundings and it just helped comfort him.

Our first evening in MN, the rest of the family came over for dinner. Bode was chasing Ryder around the house and giggling so loud. Ryder got a kick of it. He’d been a bit jealous of boden but now was playing with him more. Both Boden and Hutson went to bed early due to still coping wih the jet lag. It took them a while to settle down.

The next morning Boden got up again at around 3am. Tim and I slept in separate rooms so I was tending to Hutson, who by now was almost acclimated, and Tim was sleeping with Boden. Boden loved Deb and John’s house. There were so many new toys to play with…air machines, trucks, a roller coaster, their own backyard swing set!

That morning we decided to go to the zoo and toddler amusement park. We were lucky because no one was hardly there. Boden and I rode the little train together. But he was ready to go on his own ride…the car merry go round. This for us was a very pivitol memory. Our little boy was doing something independently and had the biggest smile on his face. Our hearts melted and we welled up with tears. He chose to go back on that ride 3 times!

That night Aunt Barbara and Uncle John baby sat the boys. Boden was on his best behaviour. He didn’t fight Aunt Barbara with crying and screaming, which he had been doing with us. Hutson was almost down then pipled up and Uncle John and Maddie had to sooth him. They couldn’t find his binky so they swang him the swing  and he cashed out.

The next day we drove down to Grandmas, Great Grandma to Boden and Hutson. I sat in the middle of the two carseats to keep Hutson calm. Once we got the farm, Boden immediately found the corn silo and buried himself in it. He didn’t want to come out. Barbara grabbed him to show him how the cows were fed and he loved that. Grandma held little Hutson was a while. It was really special because six of her great grand children were at the house. It was really special.


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