And Finally Portland

We managed to get through another 4 hour flight. It was mother’s day and the airport was rather dead. The boys were great on the flight. Boden struggles to get out of Tim’s arms at first but then I guess realizes he needs to be on Tim’s lap.

Our first afternoon there, Boden investigated the house and pretty much scared off the cats Tucker and Cleo for the rest of the week. When he did see Tucker, he called him Cici. The temperatures were going to soar this week. We were fortunate every place we went had great weather. 

The next morning, we decided to get Boden a swimming pool to play in, with the anticipation of a hot day. This was the cadillac of pools. It had sprinklers, a slide and waterfall. We first decided to go to the zoo but the weather was too unbearable and Bode’s little cheeks were so red. He did have a moment of interest in the waterpools but didn’t seem to mind it when we went back to the house and filled up his pool. He was over the moon. The water was fridgid and his little teeth were chattering but he kept playing for over an hour.  When we tried to turn off the water, Bode objected and let us know that he wanted to continue to play. 

Boden still got up at 3am. For breakfast, he started eatting cereal by himself. He would have a bowl of cherrios every morning and actually ate really well. Nana and Baba got up early with Bode every morning.  Sometimes it was voluntary but others Bode demanded that they got up to play.  They were good sports about the early morning noise.  Boden only would take a nap if he first had a snuggle with dad on the bed.  After Bode fell asleep, we’d move him to his pac and play where he’d snooze for an hour or so.  Not as long as normal.   

Boden picked up a bunch of words this week. He recited ABC, 123 more frequently and will say Elmo when he sees Elmo. He also says all “gone” but I think he’ trying to say all done. He also understands a lot more.  When you ask him to help or to do something, he usually does it. 

We went to Cornilius Pass Brew Pub and Boden tromped around the lawns and had to suck water off the bench. He giggled and laughed so well. He’s getting use to Nana and Bapa and pinches and chases them as well.

This week Boden and Hutson got to meet another great grandma. Boden tried to razzle grandma too. And would go off giggling. He played really well with Parsa’s son, Darush, who is 4 years old. Boden some times throws his toys too aggressively and tried to bite Baba, so we had to help teach him to be gentle.  One instance, Boden and Baba were rough housing and Boden chomped down on Baba’s toes. You could see that he bit hard as Baba’s eyes almost popped out of his head.

Boden loves to play with electronics and this didn’t change in Portland.  Boden would grab any i pad, iphone, computer or calculator available and try to find you tube.  In addition, he found the remotes in the tv room and reprogramed the tv and cable box for baba.  He also showed them a few tricks and a few new buttons.

Hutson continued to be as cute as ever.  He spent most of his time in the loving arms of one of the relatives.  One day, he was hanging out with the family and let out a big giggle.  It was nice for him to share this with the family.  Hutson’s hair continues to get longer and blonder.  He is starting to look like he has a little mullet.  He is also getting stronger.  You can see his neck muscles stablizing his big head. 

Aunt Narda and Uncle Dave came over on Saturday to meet their nephews.  They brought along cousins Perry and Levi.  Perry will soon make a great babysitter as she held Hutson like a pro.  Levi and Bode had fun playing with the toys. 


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