Off to the US

We made it to the US without any big drama. Saturday morning was routine as usual. Boden actually slept a little later than usual (7am), ate, played. Hutson was in his routine as well and then we were off at 10:30 am to the airport. Checkin was easy. No lines. We went to the lounge and fed and changed everyone and then off to the board the plane and were one of the last ones to board. We sat next to a 6 month old girl with her parents from Maine. Our 3 kids were the only ones on the flight.

During the flight, Hutson was a breeze. Ate, slept…hardly made a peep. He was in my arms most of the trip. Boden sat with Tim and actually was really accomodating. He watched part of a cartoon, played on his Ipad, read a magazine and then was off cruising the plane and gathering smiles and chuckles up and down the aisle. He made a few friends. One girl he kept “sneaking up” on and she would turn around in her seat and he would burst out laughing and ran back to dad. This probably went on about 50 times! Two passengers next to us played with him and had Boden in shrieking with laughter. They put cups on their heads, were opening and closing the windows, played peek-a-boo with Oscar.

Two-thirds thru the flight, Tim and I realized we didn’t pack enough diapers for Boden. He had a full diaper. When we arrived in Detroit, he already peed thru his diaper. Luckily we were able to buy some diapers at the airport that were astromically expensive ($7 for two) and get him changed and I had a change of clothes for him too. We made the mistake of not changing him again before we boarded and he again peed thru and it was all over dads legs. And that’s how we arrived in Bloomington with a pee all over our legs and a wet child.

Hutson was amazingly easy. The only time he had an outburst was when we almost landed. He was just over tired and needed to sleep. He really tested his lungs when we were going thru customs in detroit. I was able to sooth him for a few minutes and he clamed down. Of course we had all the on-lookers.

We arrived in Bloomington with a big party to greet us. Grandma, grandpa, Dara and TJ were all there to meet us. Boden was still going looking for things to play with. We finally got him down at 8pm. He was up for 21 hours! He only napped maybe 40minutes on the flight he was exhausted. We were able to get Boden and Hutson down very quickly and we weren’t far behind them. They both woke at 2.30 am in the morning.  Boden laid down with dad mid-morning and slept maybe an hour. Not long enough. Hutson actually took a three hour nap.

Tim and I were both up with them. We went to TJ’s swimmeet mid morning. It was so hot and humid both boys were sweating a ton and had flushed faces. They are not use to heat intense.  We stripped off as much of their clothes. Boden loved watching the swimmers and of course found rocks to play in. We brought them back to the house to cool off.

In the afternoon, Laura and Jack’s neighbors have a 16month old and they were out playing in the sprinkler. We took boden over and he had a ball. Screaming and laughing and playing in the bucket of water. It wore him out. We then took a bath and Boden was sacked out by 4pm. Poor little bugger. He was so over tired.

4pm bed time and then 2.30am rise…and we’re up again.


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